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One of Derive Technologies’ world-renowned, Greater New York Metro area-based hospital clients formed a consolidated care group comprising numerous additional hospitals and satellite clinical practices. During this merger, which created a significantly larger, non-profit care network, legacy and new printers, print servers, computers and other end-user devices had to be updated with new wired and wireless network protocols to standardize all network connectivity and ensure security and regulatory compliance.

The expanse of the Device IP Configuration Project was, and continues to be extensive and laborious, so the hospital – with which Derive has had a long relationship (both with the main hospital carrying the new care network’s brand, and other hospitals and facilities now in the care group) – turned to Derive’s certified project managers and engineers to augment their own team in support of a smooth IP upgrade path.

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Vince Splendido

I'm Vince Splendido, VP at Allied Health. Derive Technologies understands healthcare and has done excellent work for my organization.

Jim Lemma

Great business partner. Outstanding customer service.

Alexander Adil Faleh

Great service ! Great people!



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